I wish to go on a surprise tropical vacation



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Wish kid Lexi

Lexi's Wish

When the summer began, twelve-year-old Lexi didn’t know that in a few short months her wish would become a reality.

Lexi’s wish was unique because she requested to be surprised on both the timing and location of the trip. She didn’t want to know where or when she was going until she woke up in the morning and was on her way. 

Her destination ideally would include a few important elements. The location needed to have opportunities for ziplining, swimming, clear water, and warm weather. The most important mission of all was for Lexi to make memories with her entire family. The persisting surprise of her trip was made possible during many top-secret conversations with her family members. 

Thank you Make A Wish for making my dreams come true and giving me memories to remember forever.
Wish Kid

For Lexi and her family, this was the second time they would be going on a tropical wish adventure together. When Lexi was only 5 years old, she joined her older sister Codi on her wish trip to Jamaica. However, Lexi felt that she had missed out on the memories that her family frequently described, because she was too little to remember all the details. 

One of Lexi’s favorite things in the entire world is pineapples, she thinks they are absolutely the cutest fruit on the planet. When her wish coordinators were deciding where her special trip would be and factored in Lexi’s love for pineapples, one location stood out. 

On a warm August day in Wyoming, Lexi’s family woke her up to tell her that they were traveling to Denver to embark on their journey. Where to? The sunny island of Oahu! Each day and activity remained a surprise. One day was for ziplining, another for snorkeling, and to finish off her week she would visit the Dole Pineapple Plantation for a special scavenger hunt. 

After her tropical surprise, Lexi returned to Wyoming and explained that, “Hawaii was definitely something to always remember.” Brand new memories with her family were made and her wish will be a surprise she will never forget. “Thank you Make-A-Wish for making my dreams come true and giving me memories to remember forever.”