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Wish kid Kyler

Kyler's Wish

From the very first moments of his life, Kyler faced medical challenges. By the time he was a teenager, he had undergone three open-heart surgeries for the heart condition he had been born with. 

But that wasn’t the only way his illness affected him. Because of his heart condition, Kyler wasn’t able to pursue the sports and athletic activities that his classmates enjoyed. Instead, he turned to computers and video games.  

It didn’t take long for him to develop a true passion for electronics and learning how they worked. In the computer gaming arena, Kyler had found a level playing field.  

“Kyler has never let his illness stop him or get in his way,” said his mother, Brandy. “He is an amazing young man with a wise soul.” 

When his wish granting volunteers, Ben and Beth, shared that he had the opportunity to make a wish – to decide what one experience would bring him the most joy – Kyler knew right away what he would choose. He wanted to take his interest in electronics to the next level and build his own gaming computer, so that he would understand its functions from the ground up. It was a wish inspired in part by the expert physicians who had been able to reconstruct his own heart so many years ago.

Kyler has never let his illness stop him or get in his way.
Kyler's Mom

Kyler had chosen the wish so he could share his passion with his family and friends, but he had no idea how large his group of supporters would grow in one single day. As a special guest at that year’s Stories of Light gala, Kyler chatted onstage about his wish – and then was thunderstruck as he and hundreds of wish supporters set eyes on his carefully assembled computer desk and monitors for the very first time. That sneak preview was the moment when Kyler learned his wish would be granted just as he had envisioned it.  

Now, it was time for him to research and select each component of his dream machine, from the memory to the motherboard to the microphone. Once each item had been secured, a “build day” was scheduled – a day for Kyler to have a full, uninterrupted day of building and learning.  

He and a friend worked with local computer expert Shawn, who volunteered to give his time for the build day. The three of them teamed up to assemble Kyler’s perfect computer, piece by piece.  

“Kyler was very knowledgeable in his component selection,” Shawn said. “I could tell he had a passion for the technology and took the time to research each item. When technical hurdles presented themselves, Kyler was eager to find the answers.”  

When it was done, Kyler was thrilled. Not only had he built the gaming computer of his dreams, but during his wish journey, he had also discovered that he had more community support than he could ever have imagined.  

Shawn described the experience as one he thinks Kyler will benefit from for the long haul. “The computer build turned out great, and I think he will truly enjoy it for years to come!"