I wish to have a camper-trailer



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Hayden's Wish

Imagination is the beginning of the Make-A-Wish journey.

When six-year-old Hayden was asked to imagine what his wish would be, he dreamed of adventuring with his family and visiting places with trees and wildlife.

When Hayden traveled the Smith RV in Casper, the community rallied to celebrate his special day. But Hayden didn’t know that his wish would come true during this trip. His father had told him they were just going to look at a few campers that day. When they reached the dealership, the family hopped into a golf cart to drive around the lot and look at some options. When Hayden was in the golf cart, he told Cassidy, the sales manager, that the experience was neat because he had wished for a camper from Make-A-Wish Wyoming. Cassidy said he almost teared up in that moment.

That's because Cassidy knew what Hayden was just about to learn: A Make-A-Wish team composed of supporters and staff members was waiting outside a beautiful camper that was already furnished and ready for Hayden and his family.
The Make-A-Wish Wyoming team was there to yell "surprise!" when Hayden walked through the door. He needed only a moment before realizing what was happening -- that his wish to have a camper was finally coming true!

Hayden had always wanted a camper, and now that his wish was granted, he couldn’t wait to go on an exciting camping trip with his family.

A wish like Hayden’s for a camper-trailer is about more than a new adventure, it’s about rediscovering the joy of childhood. With his brand-new camper, Hayden and his family will be able to adventure for many years to come.