I wish to have a butterfly house



Huntington's disease


When Autumns was first asked what she wanted for her wish she thought about it long and hard and ultimately decided that for her one true wish she wanted to have a place that was peaceful and quiet, and all her own.

A place where she could relax, be herself, have friends over, make memories and enjoy her favorite insect, butterflies. So, What dis she wish for? Autumn wished to have a butterfly house. 

Autumn’s decision was made with her passion in mind. Aside from baking and playing with dogs in her spare time, Autumn loves to be around butterflies.  “I love butterflies and have been studying them since I was little,” said Autumn. She has had a fascination with ladybugs and butterflies since she was about seven. “She received a gift of a butterfly habitat for Christmas and in the spring, we were able to order the live caterpillars and watch their transformation. Since then, every spring has been a tradition,” shared Autumns mother, Londen.

Autumn's wish to have a butterfly house was granted this year and this special space has become her peaceful retreat to spend time with her family, friends, and butterflies. Her butterfly house is filled with plants, pictures, seating to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet, and of course an interior full of bright colors. It even has a place for Autumn to raise her butterflies. The very first group of butterflies raised in her new space were released this summer.

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