I wish for a camper




Wish kid Malcolm

Malcolm's new camper gives him and his family a much needed escape

Malcolm was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma on Christmas Eve. Told to go home and have a "normal" Christmas, his family realized nothing would be normal again. 

Since the diagnosis Malcolm has had to cope with intense treatments including several rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy, two stem cell transplants and immunotherapy. The one thing that lifted Malcolm's spirits during all of these scary treatments and hospital visits was the thought of going camping. He had gone camping in the past with his family and had fallen in love with the outdoors and would constantly ask to go again. 

When Malcolm learned he was eligible for a wish, he knew immediately a lifetime of camping, in the form of a camper, was his one true wish. 

While Malcolm was undergoing his second stem cell transplant, he suffered life-threatening complications and spent weeks in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) and on a ventilator. Tracy, Malcolm's mother said "I didn’t think he would make it. His condition was so poor I even let Make-A-Wish know I didn’t think he would be leaving the PICU." 

With continued focus on his camper wish, Malcolm pulled through. Yet, COVID-19 emerged and change parts of his wish reveal. While there was no huge party "Malcolm’s face lit up completely when he saw the camper and how big it was! He couldn’t wait for it to be opened up," exclaimed Tracy. 

Wish kid Malcolm
Wish kid Malcolm

Malcolm and his siblings had a blast checking out every nook and cranny of the camper and refused to come out. They spent the evening playing Minecraft in the bunk beds. While campgrounds are closed, Malcolm was gifted multiple nights of camping at local campgrounds that they look forward to using over this summer and fall. "For now, we enjoy using it as a quiet space during this quarantine. A place to escape, a new location to enjoy while stuck at home," states Tracy. 

"We have spent so much time away from Malcolm's siblings during treatment and I know this will help rebuild relationships with all of our kids... Nothing will make up for the lost time, but a lifelong opportunity of adventure and travel will help replace all our bad memories with good ones," says Tracy. 

Wish Granters: Courtney Kostuchowski & Candace Richtor 

Sponsors: Make Their Hearts Smile Truck Convoy; Sartori Company