I wish for a Parisian bedroom makeover



Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Wish kid Kaszemir

Kaszmeir's Parisian wish comes true

Kaszmeir requires oxygen with her 24-7. The 18-year-old lives with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, more commonly known as COPD. Her condition makes it challenging to do things that most people take for granted – like traveling the world.  

Since the diagnosis, Kaszmeir was forced to start online school and her family has faced many of the hardships that critical illnesses like COPD bring along. When Kaszmeir learned she was eligible for a wish, she wished to travel to Paris – the city she loves reading, learning, and watching old films about. However, due to her condition, she couldn’t make that trip. But through her Make-A-Wish experience and community support, a part of her wish became a reality.  

Through her Make-A-Wish experience, she was surprised with a Parisian bedroom makeover which included a renovated and updated closet, elegant window treatments, and Parisian inspired fabrics that cover a bed with an elaborately carved headboard and accents throughout. Now, her room represents a place where she can be transported to the city she holds so dear.

“When I wake up in the morning, I’ll just not remember this is my room. I’m going to close my eyes and think I’m dreaming again. It’s nice, it’s great, and it’s me.”
Wish kid

Kaszmeir shared her Wish Day with her family. Destini, Kaszmeir’s mother said “I liked to see her get something that she wants and that people actually went above and beyond to make sure that her dreams still came true. It’s an amazing feeling.” 

Despite the challenges their family have endured together since Kaszmeir’s diagnosis in September of 2018, they have found strength in her determination to work through her limitations. Even though Kaszmeir’s condition did not allow her to return to school, this year she graduated early from her online high school with honors. Her mother says she could not ask for better inspiration. 

Wish kid Kaszmeir

“There are times when as a mom you don’t want to see your kids go through anything, but she still has that tenacity; we as adults can learn so much from children,” said Destini. With her transformed Parisian bedroom, Kaszmeir reflected her own unique personality into her new space. Kaszmeir stressed the importance of staying true to your own individuality while facing hardships, and reflecting on what gives her strength “Just be you and be happy. That’s it. That’s all I have to say. Always you, no matter what the circumstance.” 

Wish kid Kaszmeir

Wish Granters: Mike and Carolyn Conley 

Sponsors: Potawatomi Hotel & Casino, Harris Turer and Closets by Design