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respiratory failure

Wish kid Nicolas

A Safe Space of His Own

Nicolas, also known as Nickle Pickle to those who know and love him, is a special and unique four-year-old boy who is ready for a new adventure. He has a vibrant personality that comes to life any time there’s music, dancing or light up toys. Despite his hardships, Nicolas is a happy boy who loves to laugh. He has the special gift of becoming your best friend as soon as you meet him.

Feeling the wind in his hair and sunshine on his face is difficult for Nicolas. Respiratory failure has forced him to spend most of his life in the hospital, dependent on breathing equipment and undergoing numerous surgeries. Nicolas’ mom has always wanted to take him to a playground to play with other kids, but the risk of infection is too high due to his medical condition. When thinking about his wish, it was clear that the most meaningful wish would be one that allowed Nicolas to enjoy being outside and playing freely but protected from elements that can cause harm. So, Nicolas’ wish was to have an outdoor play space of his very own!

Wish kid Nicolas

Through the incredible generosity of partners like Martin-Harris Construction, Nicolas’ wish to have an outdoor play space came true. Nicolas’ new space takes him on a fun sensory adventure in the safety of his own home. With direct access from his bedroom, Nicolas’ outdoor play space has a custom designed pergola to offer Nicolas shade while he plays, a fun wall panel filled with activities to provide sensory exploration, a mini trampoline, wind chimes, foam building blocks and more. The community came together in a remarkable way to make Nicolas’ wish a reality, and now he has a space of his own where he can play, be safe, and feel joy.

“He now has a bright, functional, and safe area that lets him go outside and play. The transformation is just beautiful and magical. It will serve him for years to come.”
Wish Mom