I wish to have a french bulldog puppy



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Wish kid Summer

Summer Meets Her Best Friend

Summer is an 11-year-old girl who battles a neurological disease and has always dreamt of traveling to Paris.

Because of the pandemic, she knew that she wouldn’t be traveling anytime soon. She came up with a wish that is the perfect combination of her passion for traveling and her love of dogs – a French Bulldog puppy named Paris Éclair.  

When Summer and her dad returned home one sunny afternoon, her family and wish granters greeted her with the sweetest surprise – a black and white French Bulldog puppy that was eager to meet her. The two bonded immediately, and the puppy love affair began.

[Summer] is in shock right now. I'm crying tears of joy for her.
Summer's Mom

Summer’s epileptic seizures impact nearly every aspect of her life. She has been treated through surgery and more than 20 hospitalizations. She knows that she will have comfort and extra love with Paris Éclair by her side for any rough times ahead. Summer is excited to “love something that will love me right back.” 

Her mother said, “She’s in shock right now. I’m crying tears of joy for her. It’s been an amazing process. I’m just completely grateful.” 

Wish Granters: Gus and Desiree Serrano  
Referred by James Schill, her father 
Wish sponsored by Laura Cordell & Leslie Murtagh