I wish to be a firefighter



cystic fibrosis

Samuel and firefighter

Samuel Gears Up

Samuel’s determination and drive to continue fighting his critical illness is heroic and admirable. 

These are traits that the Tampa Fire Rescue Department thought to be particularly special. When they found out Samuel wanted to be a firefighter, they invited him to join their team.

Wish kid Samuel

After being sworn in and issued a uniform, Samuel was eager to get on the fire engine. His team gave him a tour of the truck and explained what all the tools were used for. Samuel was all smiles as he rode to their first mission: a water rescue. They jumped on a firefighting boat and Samuel was able to put out of fire on his own. He felt so accomplished! 

Next, they drove over to a mock car crash where Samuel had to cut out a door that had been crushed. With help from his team, Samuel used an intricate hydraulic cutter to remove the front door. 

The one thing I will never forget is the look on his face and his bright smile.
Fireman involved in Samuel's wish
Wish kid Samuel ready for a day on the fire truck

The last thing on their to-do list was to put out a large fire near the area and make sure nobody was hurt in the process. Samuel successfully extinguished the flames using a giant hose and his own two hands. Samuel’s team couldn’t believe how persistent and strong he was during the process.  

Throughout the day, Samuel’s joy was evident. One of the local firemen said, “The one thing I will never forget is the look on his face and his bright smile.”   

Wish Granters: Nelcy A. Rivera-De Leon and Roger Zehr 
Referred by Inez Marcano, his social worker  

Wish adopted by Transportation Control Systems and Steve & Natalie Gillis