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Wish kid Myah and her sister, Emily

Myah Reunites with Her Sister

Once upon a time, there was a 3-year-old girl named Myah who loved princesses and missed her sister Emily dearly. Both she and Emily were born in China and adopted to separate loving families.

When her volunteer wish granters came for a visit, Myah expressed her longing to be reunited with her beloved sister at Cinderella’s Castle. Myah, her adoptive parents and her three brothers journeyed to Walt Disney World® for a magical week away from her battle with the medical issues arising from having a solitary kidney. An extra surprise, one of Myah’s friends from the orphanage arrived in Orlando with her adoptive family so that all the girls could experience the theme parks together. The reunion was a picture perfect moment. According to her mother, “The kisses among the girls were endless and the smiles were from ear to ear.” And thus began one little girl’s dream vacation.  
All Myah’s worries receded to the back of her mind as she explored the theme parks with front-of-the-line passes. She watched the electrifying parades, met Disney characters and went on tons of rides. The best part was sharing the excitement with her sister.

Myah’s wish transformed her life and the lives of her entire family. Her mother said, “For each of us, there comes a moment, a defining instant in our lives when we are changed forever... This week was a celebration and a tribute to an amazing connection between the past, the present and the future. It was a breathtaking and heartbreaking journey of love that made our hearts soar. Myah's wish is a constant reminder that anything is possible when you believe.”  
Since her life-changing wish, Myah and Make-A-Wish have been the inspiration for her school and church’s continued fundraisers and her family’s non-profit organization called Elev8Hope. In the course of 14 years and 67 surgeries, Myah has been an inspiration to many. She has also dabbled in modeling for brands like Justice and Big Lots, and is proud of her scars because they show what she has overcome. From renal issues and daily IVs to relearning how to walk, Myah shows persistent strength and inspiration to those around her.

It was a breathtaking and heartbreaking journey of love that made our hearts soar. Myah's wish is a constant reminder that anything is possible when you believe.
Myah's Mother

Her relationship with her biological sister, Emily, would not exist if it weren’t for this wish. Ten years later, they continue to grow as best friends and sisters through frequent phone calls and FaceTimes, as Emily lives in Mississippi. The bond of their history in the orphanage together has made them feel more connected than ever even though finances has prevented them from having a second visit. Her mother said, “I’m elated that Myah can wake up every morning without the fear of being separated from her sister ever again. She has the ability to send a card, text or FaceTime her. She will never have to wonder about her sister. She will always be there.” This bridge of lifelong friendship would’ve never been crossed had it not been for her amazing wish at Disney and Make-A-Wish.  
Wish Granters: Julie & Steve Hurley  
Referred by her mother 

Wish kid Myah and her family now