I wish to meet the New Orleans Saints



cystic fibrosis

Max meets the Saints

Max Marches to New Orleans 

Max, a 16-year-old who battles cystic fibrosis, thought it was going to be just another run-of-the-mill assembly at his school, Pine View School. But he was in for a huge surprise…his wish to meet the New Orleans Saints was coming true and he was heading to the airport!  
His love of the Saints began in his early childhood when he was going through very difficult times in his battle with cystic fibrosis. Watching the games was a way to bond with his dad, forget he was stuck in the hospital, and escape mentally to the football field. His mom adds, “Now he follows the team on his own and knows all the statistics.”  
His wish experience didn’t disappoint. Meeting the team at the practice facility gave him a taste of the hard work and talent that goes into competing at the professional level. He felt like an MVP! His mom said, “The practice was enormously fun, and I know it holds a special place in Max’s heart.”  
Under the lights at Mercedes-Benz Superdome, Max enjoyed cheering the Saints onto victory. It’s a moment he will never forget, and sharing it all with his family made the celebration even bigger. His parents believe, “The wish truly has had a lasting impression on Max. It was an experience that will last all of our lifetimes, truly. It was absolutely magical, and we are forever grateful!”  
To view a video from Max’s wish, click here.  
Wish Granters: Ashley Hilton and Heather Schank Quintero  
Referred by Cara Covert, his mother 
Wish adopted by Mr. Dan Baker