Fundraising Ideas

Introduction & Contact Info

Raising money and awareness for Make-A-Wish® through Special Events can be a fun way to motivate employees or bring a community group together for a great cause.

We could not make wishes come true without the funds raised through events. 

Whenever a group or individual is proposing to raise funds for Make-A-Wish, our National Office requires the completion of the Fundraising Proposal and Licensing Agreement before you can associate Make-A-Wish with the event.

Please contact the Foundation to discuss your event idea prior to planning. Thank you in advance for your consideration. 

These are just a start - we always love new, creative ways to raise funds for Make-A-Wish Southern Florida.

Please call the Special Events Team in your area to discuss your fundraiser: 

Southeast Florida Region (954) 967- 9474 
Tampa Bay Region (813) 288-2600 
Suncoast Region (941) 378-9474 
Southwest Florida Region (239) 992-9474 

Hold an Auction

You could hold an AUCTION

Note: Please be sure to discuss your list of potential “asks” with your Make-A-Wish Event Coordinator for donations prior to soliciting.  

  • Silent Auction – Secure items to be auctioned off through solicitation via phone, in person, or by mail. Display all donated items in an appropriate place. Next to each item, place a “bid sheet” where those interested in that particular item can write their name and the amount they are willing to pay.  

  • Chinese Auction - Secure items to be auctioned. Display all items donated in an appropriate place. Next to each item, place a container for the purchased raffle tickets. When supporters buy raffle tickets, they can choose which item they would like to put their tickets in.  

  • Service Auction – Ask companies in the “service” industry (lawyers, consultants, construction, beauty salons, cleaning, etc.) to donate a service to be auctioned off either live or silent. All funds raised will be donated to Make-A-Wish.  

Hold a Sporting Event

You could hold a SPORTING EVENT –  

  • Golf or Tennis Tournament – After a location is chosen for this event, determine the cost per person (including food) and charge each person a certain amount over cost. That amount will be donated to the Foundation. You can also sell sponsorships and/or hold a raffle to raise more money. At a golf tournament, you can sell mulligans as well.  
  • Bowl-A-Thon – Ask your local bowling alley to donate a few lanes for the event. Participants ask their friends and family to sponsor them for certain amount per pin. After their score is determined, they collect the money. The participant who raises the most money wins a pre-determined donated prize.  
  • Walks, Runs, Marathons, Triathlons – Ask for pledges if you or your employees are participating in any type of endurance event for Make-A-Wish.  

Other Fundraising Ideas


  • Go Green and Recycle – Have your employees (and even your customers) drop off their recyclables at your office. Take a weekly run to a local recycling drop off site, and collect the money for Make-A-Wish. Some cities even offer pick up recyclables like printer cartridges and cell phones.  
  • Wine Tasting – Get a wine company to donate the wines, as well as sending a representative to discuss the wine. Charge an amount to get in that will be donated to Make-A-Wish. If food is included, the price can be increased.  
  • Dress Down Day – Employees can contribute a small fee to wear casual clothes to work for the day and can wear Make-A-Wish stickers to show their support. Perhaps it could be for an entire Dress Down Week.  
  • Bake Sale – Every Friday, a different department brings in homemade baked goods to be sold, or hold a one-time bake sale in the lobby of your building.  
  • Company Cookbook – Everyone contributes a favorite recipe. Copy and bind them together. Sell them to friends and co-workers with all proceeds going to Make-A-Wish.  
  • Wish Walls – Sell Make-A-Wish Star cutouts provided by us for $1.00, $2.00, $5.00 or more and fill a wall. This is a great holiday/seasonal promotion.  
  • Not Your Typical Bingo Night – Have a fun nigh by adding a DJ or have music playing. Instead of money for prizes, give away items donated from local businesses and be sure to give them recognition.  
  • Car Wash – A great service and event fundraising idea for all those car loving people out there. Get your group of volunteers together and pick a central location with high car traffic. Make sure you have room for cars to line up and have a few hoses going so you can wash more than one car at time. As an added fundraiser, sell some snacks and beverages to car owners.  
  • Lunch – Have your local grocery store donate hot dogs, buns, condiments and drinks. Set up in busy area or offer it to your employees in the break room or parking lot.  
  • *Holiday Gift Wrapping – Get supplies donated for gift wrapping, set a table at a local shopping area, and charge for wrapping. Make sure to have a sign that lets the shoppers know that the monies raised will go to Make-A-Wish. You can also do this in your company for your employee’s gifts.  
  • Turn an Existing Activity into a Fundraiser – Turn your summer picnic and holiday party into a “Dream Come True for a Child” by collecting a small donation at the door. You can add raffle items to raise more money. 
  • Grand Openings – Your business can donate a portion of the proceeds from the day/week/month of sales to benefit Make-A-Wish. Or you can have a specialty item, such as a Make-A-Wish Meal, Drink or Accessory available for purchase and the proceeds of that item go to Make-A-Wish.