I wish to go to the Super Bowl




Wish kid Ely

Ely Scores Big

Ely is a teen with touchdown dreams: while battling cancer, he found relief in watching sports.

It only made sense that for his wish, Ely wanted to experience one of the biggest annual sporting events in America: the Super Bowl! 

Ely was one of 16 wish kids who was in Atlanta for the big game. Upon arriving at his hotel room, Ely was surprised to find tons of swag from the NFL. He received a jersey, hats, and other football gear so he could rep both the Super Bowl and his favorite football team, the Miami Dolphins. Soon after, all the wish kids mixed and mingled while playing video games at a special welcome party at Dave and Buster’s. 

Every second of the wish was amazing.
wish kid
Wish kid Ely

The next day, Ely visited Mercedes-Benz Stadium, where he received a VIP tour of where the Super Bowl would soon take place. Retired NFL player Chris Draft brought Ely and the other wish kids onto the football field, where photos were taken and footballs were thrown around! Ely toured the New England Patriots locker room. Afterward, Ely headed over to the Super Bowl Experience, where he got to meet several NFL players and take part in different interactive games. 

Soon enough, it was game day!  Ely and his mother headed over to the stadium to join the thousands of other fans for the big game. Loud fans, historic gameplay, and a fun halftime show made the experience exciting for Ely. “The atmosphere of the game was unbelievable,” Ely said.  

Ely was filled with joy for the chance to take part in his sporty, spirit-filled wish. “Every second of the wish was amazing – from the plane, to the people, to the Super Bowl. I couldn't be more happy with the amazing service you gave to me and my family; you guys are amazing…Thank you for the amazing wish,” Ely said.  

Wish granters: Jana Cooper and Rachel Simowitz 
Referred by: Nancy Factor, his mother 
Wish adopted by: Arthur L. Diskin