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I wish to have a Shetland Sheepdog



nervous system disorder

Devon's Wish

Devon Falls in Puppy Love

Eight-year-old Devon wanted a devoted companion so he wished to have a Shetland Sheepdog.

Devon has battled a nervous system disorder for more than half his life. He has endured hundreds of seizures that have resulted in developmental delays making it hard to make friends and live a normal child’s life. Devon’s new puppy who he named Axel is not only the best friend he wanted ‘his whole life’ but Axel can also be trained to alert his family to the onset of a potentially life-threatening seizure.

Devon’s mother said, “He is a loner. There aren’t kids his age around the home. Having this puppy is everything to him. He’s not going to let him go. I’m trying not to cry. I am overwhelmed because I know how important it is for him to have. This dog is now part of our family.”

Having a puppy to him is everything. No words can explain the gratitude I feel right now.
Devon's Mom

Wish Granters: Kara Salburg-Boehly & Leslie Levine
Referred by Dr. Syndi Seinfeld, his physician
Wish adopted by Mrs. Sheri Jessell

To view a video from Devon's wish day, click here.