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I wish to go snowboarding in the Swiss Alps



ovarian cancer

Claire snowboard

Claire Conquers the Swiss Alps

In 2019, after a two-year battle with cancer including two surgeries and rounds of in-patient chemotherapy, Claire wanted to embark on a chilly adventure – snowboarding in the Swiss Alps.

This was her perfect wish choice because it would be the ultimate celebration of the end of her journey with cancer and be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to share with her parents and two sisters.


Claire snowboard
Claire snowboard
My wish made me appreciate life and my family for everything that they do. It was an unforgettable time to travel, snowboard and not let my illness hold me back.

Cancer derailed her dreams of going to a summer music program in NY and the fatigue and nausea of treatments silenced her violin playing for several months. The college application process was also put on the back burner. Her wish helped get life back on track. According to Claire, "From the outstanding food and chocolate to the fun and challenging slopes, this trip was truly a blessing."

There were many unforgettable moments including riding the train, indulging in Swiss chocolate and snowboarding in breathtaking scenery. Claire’s mother said, “To be together as a family and share that time with all our busy schedules, it was wonderful. For Claire to be in remission and feeling healthy enough to enjoy herself and just be happy was priceless.“

Wish Granters: Jane Farnsworth & Fran Waldman
Referred by Tammy Wilbur, her nurse
Wish adopted by Mr. Mark Wilkie & Ms. Helen McGrath