I wish to have a pool makeover



neurological diease

Wish kid Blake

Blake Soaks Up the Sun

Blake is an autistic, non-verbal 7-year-old who has suffered with a rare neurological disease nearly all his life.

He has seizures, development delays and complications in most of his major organs. Home is where Blake is most comfortable and his backyard pool is where he seeks solace. His wish to have a pool makeover makes home even more fun!  

Blake watched anxiously as he saw the work being done on his pool. He could hardly wait to jump in. When the time came to take his first swim, he was beyond excited. With new features like a safety ledge around the perimeter and a heater, he and his family can now splash safely and all year round. Blake’s mom said, “The pool is everything to him!” 

Blake is out-of-this-world happy.
Blake's Dad

On his wish day, Blake danced and splashed along to his favorite song “Here Comes the Sun” while shooting some hoops and riding on his dad’s back. It’s the best escape from the frequent focus on his many medical issues.   

His father said, “Blake is out-of-this-world happy. He’s my best friend so to see him happy – it’s wonderful. Especially today, people helping people is a good thing. And Make-A-Wish is people helping kids, it’s even better!” 

Wish Granters: Adria Minevich and Shelby Ruebens 
Referred by Jody Esposito, his mother 
Wish adopted by Mr. Barry Skolnick