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nervous system disorder

Wish kid Bennett

Bennett Discovers Freedom

It’s always playtime for Bennett, a 5-year-old who battles a nervous system disorder.

He’s a fun-loving kid who enjoys bubbles, music and playgrounds. His wish come true is a backyard playset that provides him with a safe and enjoyable place for him to relax and unwind.  

Because of sensory issues, Bennett cannot fully enjoy public playgrounds and parks. The feel of the dirt and grass bothered him, and for safety reasons he would just sit on a little swing and watch the other children play. And now, especially in the current pandemic, being at home is Bennett’s safest and only avenue for fun. 

This playset means freedom.
Bennett's Mom

His mother said, “I’ve shed so many tears of hope and happiness in this process. Before Make-A-Wish, he was confined and would not get out and really play. Now he can! I’m so amazed and thankful. It’s nice for us to come together outside as a family, relax and be happy together.”  

His dream playset sits on brand new artificial turf which means no more worrying about how the surface feels under his feet. It’s a playset perfectly tailored for Bennett with curvy slides, swings, a railing and ramp to the top of the tower that overlooks his backyard. With the addition of his favorite water toys, it is now his oasis under the hot Florida sun.  

“The playset means freedom. Bennett just learned how to walk and now he can for the first time walk in his yard, run around it and access his swings and playground. To Bennett, it means he can explore, go outside, be more independent like his peers and gain strength and opportunity.” 

Wish Granters: Kristina Snyder & Nick Villano 
Referred by Kelly Olive, his mother 
Wish adopted by Mr. Chris Schellman