I wish to have a hot tub



nervous system disorder

Wish kid Adele

Adele Relaxes in Therapy

Living with a nervous system disorder, 5-year-old Adele suffers from intractable seizures which means they don’t improve with treatment.

Wish kid Adele

Her wish to have a hot tub is just what she needs – a therapeutic place at home to exercise and relax.  
Her wish day was filled with joyful smiles. Surrounded by her loved ones and wish granters, Adele’s shiny new hot tub was unveiled, and it was time to get right in. This hot tub will provide Adele with a better quality of life. Her condition really affects her muscles. Especially during the pandemic when her therapies have been affected. Water therapy will improve the range of motion in her arms and legs, reduce fractures and pain and improve her sleep. Her mother adds that it will “decrease her stress and make Adele a happier girl.”  
Her mother said, “We have high, high hopes with what she will be able to do with the help of this hot tub. We are so grateful and so happy that her dream came true.”  
Wish Granters: Daniela Malo & Taylor Norman  
Referred by Danay Tedes, her mother  
Wish adopted by Foulds Foundation

We are so grateful and so happy that her dream came true.
Adele's Mom
Wish kid Adele
Wish kid Adele