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2000th Wish - Danni Pets Baby Animals

In 1998, Danni's wish to pet baby animals was granted, the 2,000th wish in our chapter's history. Here is the story as told in our 1998 newsletter: 

Fifteen years ago, the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Southern Florida was started by the Plantation Junior Woman’s Club. That year two wishes were granted. This spring we granted our 2,000th wish for Danni, who wanted to pet baby animals.  

Make-A-Wish is very grateful to Ron Magill and The Metro Zoo for helping to make Danni’s wish come true. Danni’s day started by meeting a baby cheetah who was introduced to the public for the first time. Ron gave Danni and her family a personal tour of the zoo, stopping to visit and feed a baby rhinoceros, giraffe, chimpanzee, koala bear and camel, to name just a few.  

The smile on Danni’s face told those around her how special she felt. The family toured Monkey Jungle and ended their day with dinner at the Rain Forest Café.  

The average cost of a wish is $3,500. The Foundation is committed to ensuring that every medically qualified child receives a wish. Companies participate through cash donations, in-kind donation of gift certificates, merchandise, toys, etc.  

Make-A-Wish is grateful for the collective effort of thousands of people who help make more than 30 wishes a month come true. If you wish to receive more information about special events, becoming a volunteer or producing a fundraiser to benefit Make-A-Wish, please call the office at 954-967-9474.  

Click here to view the 1998 article. 

I wish to pet baby animals
Danni, 9
brain tumor

Wish granters: David Hitt & Veronica McLean  
Referred by Kandy Nares, her nurse