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I wish to adopt a puppy




Sawyer hugs his adopted puppy, Sparky


A Wish Sparks Comfort 

A cancer diagnosis is scary.

Sawyer knows Sparky is "the one"

Sawyer's diagnosis of rhabdomyosarcoma, a cancer of the soft tissue has been life-altering and left him feeling unsure and anxious. In addition, battling cancer amid a pandemic increase feeling isolated and vulnerable. What brings Sawyer comfort are animals. He has a great love for all animals, even reptiles, but nothing compares to the soft fur of a dog. 

Sadly, during Sawyer's cancer battle his senior dog passed away leaving a gap in their family. Along came the chance to have a wish granted and Sawyer's heart immediately longed to adopt a puppy. At the local Humane Society, he found the perfect companion, a black puppy he named Sparky. 

Cooing softly to Sparky, Sawyer promised to snuggle him and told Sparky he was the "best puppy ever." While Sawyer's battle with cancer may continue for a while, he will gain immense comfort from his bond with Sparky. Unable to sleep at night due to his chemotherapy port, he looks forward to holding Sparky through the night and playing together. 

But Sparky will also be a life-changing wish for Sawyer's family too. Sawyer's mom Nina shared, "I think Sparky will be a gift to us too if we don't get the miracle we are praying for. To have something Sawyer loved so much still here with us for us to love."

Sawyer’s wish will be a legacy of love for many years. 

I think Sparky will be a gift to us too if we don't get the miracle we are praying for.
Sawyer's Mom