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I wish to have a truck makeover



acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Michael smiles in front of his new truck.


A Truck Makeover Personifies Strength

Michael could always be found in the garage. He preferred to spend his time tinkering with his truck. During his leukemia treatments it became something for him to do at his own pace and he felt a sentimental attachment to his truck grow. He knew he would like to see his beloved truck get the same caring treatment he had received from his doctors and family. With the help of community partners and donors, Michael's wish was granted.

Professionals from an array of vehicle specialties in the community came together to give his truck the caring updates Michael wished for.  A new coat of paint, a new sound system, new robust tires, new marine-grade upholstery and fancy lighting made his truck look brand new.

Michael’s truck was revealed under a cloud of confetti alongside all the partner professionals who worked on his truck. His shy smile shone as he shook the hand of each person who contributed to his truck’s makeover.  The gathered crowd felt pride and joy as they watched Michael inspect each new detail of his truck. The impact of his wish-come-true was clear.

Now when he drives his truck, he feels their connection even stronger. Both have been through tough treatments and come out more powerful than before. His truck will always be a reminder of what he overcame but also of the generosity of the community who cared enough to help make his wish come true.

Michael poses in front of his revamped truck.