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I wish to have a camper



nervous system disorder

Wish kid Ethan


Ethan sat in the car and felt it drive into a bumpy parking lot.

Wish kid Ethan

Blindfolded, he patiently climbed out of the car to see what the big surprise was that his mother had promised. When his blindfold was removed, Ethan was indeed met with a big surprise. It was his wish - a brand new camper! 

As much as Ethan loves to camp, his life-threatening nervous system disorder often prevents him and his family from going on trips. His medical needs simply can't be met with typical camping equipment. When Make-A-Wish came to Ethan, he said he wanted to find a way to experience his favorite hobby alongside his family. Ethan's wish to have a camper began. 

Ethan's new camper will help provide him safe spaces where he can hold onto items as he walks, privacy for medical needs and electricity and refrigeration for any medical supplies. All helping to give him the independence to experience adventures with his family. 

Ethan's wish comes during a difficult period. With COVID-19, new health worries are present, bringing added isolation and vulnerability for wish kids and their families. 

But Ethan's wish will help him feel a newfound freedom and build confidence as he navigates his camper. It will allow him to create adventures within a safe environment. 

When asked what Ethan looked forward to doing most on his first camping trip he answered, "Catch bugs!” He then asked his father when he could sleep in his new camper and his father told him that he could sleep in it that very night. Ethan’s smile was as bright as the stars.