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Levi's Wish To Have An Adaptable Playset

Levi's Wish To Have An Adaptable Playset

4-year-old Levi was dealt a difficult hand when he was diagnosed with congenital muscular dystrophy at just 9 months old. However, his sunny and silly disposition wouldn’t let on to any of the hardships he has faced. A diagnosis that changed everything, ended up being a blessing in disguise.

Levi has an extremely rare form of Congenital Muscular Dystrophy called LMNA-CMD. He was just 6 months old when his muscle weakness was first noted and by his 9 month checkup things still hadn't improved. His pediatrician took action and after some blood work, Levi was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. "We went from thinking Levi was just a bit delayed to being given a terminal illness diagnosis in a matter of hours," recalls Levi's mom, Melissa. But while Levi's diagnosis definitely changed their lives, it also made them realize what truly matters in life. Family.

It was during one of his hospitalizations early in life that Levi’s family was informed that he would be eligible for a wish once he turned two and a half. And it’s no surprise that family is what lies at the heart of Levi’s wish. He has always loved to be outside with his brothers and sister, but there wasn’t a lot for him to do in his chair. Last summer he spent many days on the deck watching his siblings play in the yard. And while he never complained once, it was obvious that he wanted to be out there playing right alongside them.

“It's way more than a playset.”
Wish Dad

So with the help of an entire community of volunteers and vendors, Make-A-Wish North Dakota made sure that this summer would be different. In June, Levi’s wish to have a wheelchair accessible play area outside came true. His new playset is equipped with a wheelchair ramp, chair swing and plenty of places for Levi to put people “in jail.” For Levi it’s not just about a play area, it’s about the freedom of being able to make memories with his family in his own backyard. “This is a lot more than wood and a lot more than screws. It’s love,” muses Kyle, Levi’s dad.

Levi with family