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I wish to be a ninja & save people from bad ninjas




Chance's Wish

Chance's Sunday was off to a pretty awesome start, he was having lunch at his favorite restaurant with a bunch of family members and his wish granters when all of the sudden, he found that his wish to be a ninja was coming true!

All of a sudden the restaurant starts stirring with commotion and Chance sees a ninja dressed in black making his way toward him. The ninja approaches Chance's table, snatches a bag from one of the Wish Granters and bolts out the door. Chance and his family are still stunned when two police officers enter the restaurant. "Where is Chance, we need your help!" The police officers explain that they need Chance's help to catch the bad ninja who took a bag full of other children's wishes. Chance was ready and headed off to ninja training in his first ever limo ride!

 When Chance arrived at the ninja studio, he was greeted by a row of police cars with their K-9 unit. The officers encouraged Chance to  become a  true ninja and even let him pet the dogs! But now it was time to get down to ninja business!

 Chance trained with Somjad, the ninja master, and two other students. He learned all of the skills that a ninja needs to know including  rolling,  ducking, blocking, sword handling and even the thunder kick! He had completed his training and received a Make-A-Wish  certificate and a new  ninja uniform in his favorite color, red. Chance was now a true ninja! But the celebration couldn't last long  because in the corner of the studio, Chance noticed a clue from the bad ninja. This first clue led him to one of his favorite parks where  he would find the ninja who took the wishes. 

Once Chance and his family arrived at their next location, they were welcomed by a Park Ranger who was very familiar with the park and would help Chance on his quest to find the ninja. The Park Ranger helped Chance and his ninja master find and figure out a series of clues that ultimately led them to the bad ninja. But Chance quickly realized that he would have to battle not one bad ninja, but three to get back the bag of wishes. But his training had prepared him for this and he was ready! 

Chance and Somjad approach the ninjas and start the battle. They take out the ninjas one by one until they get to the one they had encountered at the restaurant. He wasn't giving up easy so Chance and Somjad worked together to defeat him. After a lot of bravery, Chance and Somjad were successful in capturing all three ninjas and the Park Ranger hauled them off. The bag of wishes was returned, allowing our other Wish Kids to have their wishes granted! 

Chance's family and friends all gathered for a huge celebration to congratulate Chance for becoming a true ninja and saving the day!  

Chance's Wish Video