I wish to go to Saturn in a red rocket ship



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Legacy of Wishes

Zayden's Wish

At just two days old, Zayden was diagnosed with congenital heart disease. His condition required him to have over 40 procedures and four open heart surgeries by the time he was eight.

Although he faced daily challenges, Zayden’s spirit was larger than life. His energetic personality and vivid imagination were out-of-this world; so much so that even his wish was beyond ordinary.  

Zayden’s creativity shined as he enthusiastically shared his wish to blast off into outer space, visit Saturn in a red rocket ship and meet a friendly alien named Beebo. But there was just one catch... How would we send a child to Saturn? 

Tasked with fulfilling a seemingly impossible wish, it became clear that VR (Virtual Reality) was the perfect way to make Zayden’s wish come true. With the help of former NASA astronaut, Commander LeRoy Chiao and a community we fondly named “Zayden’s Squadron”, he received expert astronaut training to prepare him for take-off.  

On May 1, 2017, Commander Zayden blasted off to Saturn from Dobbins Air Reserve Base. In his voyage, he saw the moon and the stars and finally met his friendly alien companion, Beebo. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room as Zayden squealed with joy and upon returning from his space adventure asked, “Can we do it again?!” Zayden’s legacy lives in the hearts of thousands because of his life-changing wish.  

The help of our community made the impossible, possible for one magical little boy. Zayden’s journey is proof that where there’s a wish, there’s a way. 

Wish kid Zayden