Join a caring community of volunteers who transform lives. Together, we can make countless wishes come true.  

Granting wishes takes a village. We rely on more than 400 Volunteers throughout Georgia. Our wishes, wish kids and wish families are all unique, and so are our Volunteers. We are looking for positive, outgoing and passionate people to join us. It is important that Volunteers are adaptable and accepting of lifestyles and situations different than their own as well as the unpredictability of wish family needs.  

Are you ready to make a difference? Here’s how you can help.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Wish Granter, Wish Discovery Expert

A wish discovery expert is the first face of Make-A-Wish® Georgia to a wish family. Wish discovery experts meet with the wish child and immediate family members to help determine the child’s most heartfelt wish, while completing all required wish-related paperwork. Wish discovery experts typically work in teams of two. This short term role requires great attention to detail, an inquisitive spirit, and the ability to apply learned communication techniques with wish children. The Volunteer Wish Granter role is a single role that encompasses being a Wish Discovery Expert and a Wish Presentation Expert. 

Volunteer Wish Granter, Wish Presentation Expert

A wish presentation expert collaborates with Make-A-Wish Georgia staff to organize a wish presentation or wish reveal party to celebrate the child’s most heartfelt wish being granted. This two-to-three month role requires great attention to detail, seeking in-kind donations from authorized local retailers, and a passion for party and celebration planning. The Volunteer Wish Granter role is a single role that encompasses being a Wish Discovery Expert and a Wish Presentation Expert. 



Accompany a fellow wish granting volunteer on a Wish Discovery Visit, assist wish kid in determining their wish, and help wish family understand wish paperwork packet. 


Community Champion

A community champion organizes and leads fundraising initiatives geared toward their friends and family; a community champion would be a Make-A-Wish Georgia influencer with all your favorite people as the audience! This role requires a strong close-knit community, and a willingness to incite friends and family to participate to support your fundraising goals. 


Corporate Connector

A corporate connector provides an introduction with their employer’s decision maker(s), introductions to their individual professional network contacts, and seeks in-kind donations from authorized local retailers all in the name of connecting Make-A-Wish Georgia with partnership opportunities. 


In-Office Champion

An in-office champion organizes and leads fundraising initiatives at their place of business and within their company’s community, while also seeking in-kind donations from their company or company’s community to support Make-A-Wish Georgia wishes and annual events. This role requires a goal-driven spirit, ability to motivate others, and comfort in seeking in-kind donations from authorized local retailers. 


Get Started

Your Make-A-Wish Georgia Journey Starts Today 

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Make-A-Wish® Georgia! Our wishes, wish kids and wish families are all unique, and so are our Volunteers. All prospective Volunteers are asked to meet a series of requirements before approval.   

  1. Fill out our Volunteer Inquiry Form 
    Once you are familiar with our roles, fill out our Volunteer Inquiry Form. We will contact you with our next Volunteer Information Session date for you to attend. 

  1. Attend a Volunteer Information Session 
    Attend a one-hour Volunteer Information Session to become familiar with our program, philosophy, needs, policies, procedures and expectations. All Information Session attendees will be provided with a Volunteer Application and written information about Make-A-Wish Georgia.  

  1.  Volunteer Application and Criminal Background Check 
    Complete and return the Volunteer Application to our chapter office. Upon receipt, we will notify you and begin to process your application. Due to the nature of our work, all Volunteer applicants must complete a criminal background check every three years. All information in the Volunteer Application, and any acquired through the background check, remains confidential and is used only for screening and placement purposes. Make-A-Wish Georgia does not employ or utilize any individual as a Volunteer who has been convicted of a crime that (a) victimizes children, (b) is sexual in nature, or (c) involves violence, fraud, or significant theft. 

  1. Complete Training 
    Find and join upcoming Training dates related to your areas of interest on our Calendar Of Events . Any Volunteer interested in becoming a Wish Granting Volunteer will be required to attend a separate Wish Granter Training session. To explain our training locations, please take a look at our regional map. We divide the state of Georgia into 11 regions and base our wish needs on this map. 

  1. Welcome! 
    You are officially now a volunteer for Make-A-Wish Georgia. You will be an integral part of bringing hope, strength and joy to Georgia kids.


Got questions?

Check out our most frequently asked questions below. 

What are some of your greatest volunteer needs?

Currently, we have a vital need for volunteers who meet any of the following criteria: 

  • Speak both Spanish and English
  • Have daytime availability 
  • Live outside of the Atlanta area 

Who makes a great volunteer for Make-A-Wish Georgia?

Volunteers who believe in and adhere to our values are our best fit. Our values are: Integrity, Child Focus, Excellence, Community and Inspiration. 

  • Integrity: We approach every aspect of our work with unwavering standards of honesty, transparency and respect for wish recipients, their families and supporters. 
  • Child Focus: Our business practices always put the interests of wish children first. 
  • Excellence: We aspire to have best-in-class business practices, and we embrace the challenge to exceed expectations at every opportunity. 
  • Community: We foster a collaborative, global community of staff, volunteers and donors with the collective ability to make the broadest possible range of wishes come true. 
  • Inspiration: We are inspired by the examples of our wish kids and the actions of the entire Make-A-Wish® Georgia community to approach our mission with life-affirming enthusiasm, imagination and creativity. As a result, we fill each wish experience and every interaction with hope, strength and joy. 


Can I volunteer around my schedule?

Yes! Many volunteers lead busy and active lifestyles with personal and professional commitments. Volunteer opportunities are self-selected and project-oriented. Flexibility is key as there will not be consistent, set Volunteer hours.  

Wish granters schedule a time to meet with our wish families based on the family’s schedule as well as their own. Fundraising volunteers can select specific days and times based on event needs. 


Why do you require a criminal background check?

Because we work closely with children, Make-A-Wish Georgia requires that all volunteers submit to and pay a fee of $26.55 for a criminal background check. More information will be sent to volunteers after completion of the Volunteer Application and interview. All information received from these reports will remain confidential and be used only for screening and placement purposes. 

Make-A-Wish Georgia policy prohibits our chapter from using the services of a volunteer if the individual has been convicted of a crime that victimizes children, is sexual in nature and/or involves violence, fraud or significant theft. 

If you have any questions regarding this policy, contact Volunteer Services at [email protected]


I’m not 18 years old. Can I still volunteer?

Although all official volunteers must be 18 years old, there are a number of other volunteer opportunities including hosting a toy drive or organizing a fundraiser at school through our Kids For Wish Kids program


How can my workplace get involved?

We have several opportunities for groups to support Make-A-Wish Georgia! Please contact our Director of Corporate Development, Marissa Carney to learn more. 


What is a Wish Granter?

Wish granters assist with the wish process by meeting with the family, helping the child determine the wish and acting as an extension of Make-A-Wish Georgia. This volunteer role is best suited for anyone 18 and over with warm energy, a compassionate heart and the ability to give freely of their time. Volunteers must be positive, outgoing, comfortable in a variety of social situations and passionate about children and our mission. It is also important that Volunteers are adaptable and accepting of lifestyles and situations different than their own as well as the unpredictability of wish family needs. 


What is Wish Granter Training?

Wish granter trainings are specialized trainings that consist of an overview of Make-A-Wish Georgia, the wish granting process, meeting with wish families and planning a wish. Find upcoming wish granter training dates on our Calendar Of Events


Do Wish Granters travel with the family/child?

No, wish granters do not travel with the family. There are 59 other Make-A-Wish chapters around the country and many international affiliates. When we send a wish family to another state or country, that chapter or affiliate will help facilitate the wish.