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I wish to have a super sweet 16 birthday party



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Dalen's Wish to have a Super Sweet 16 Birthday Party!

An aspiring rapper, Dalen enjoys having fun with friends and family, dancing, and performing.

In his early teen years, he was diagnosed with an optic pathway glioma which is a brain tumor that affects his vision. After the diagnosis, Dalen was referred to Make-A-Wish Central and Northern Florida to grant his wish. On March 18th, his 16th birthday, his wish was granted.

Dalen celebrated his birthday at a Downtown Orlando club; red carpet and all! As soon as Dalen walked into EVE Nightclub he was shocked to see his name in lights, food, dancers, and a DJ who played his favorite songs all night. He performed an original rap which got the crowd dancing. After that, there was cake with his “DKS” logo in big letters.

Dalen asked for all gifts to be donated to the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, where he has been treated for the past three years. DJ Nasty then took over the turntables and lit the room up. There was still one surprise left for Dalen, as a screen began to play a video recorded from a celebrity DJ that he is a fan of. The video left Dalen speechless and nearly in tears. At the end of the night, Dalen performed his “Make-A-Wish Rap” for his friends and family, hopped back in the limo, and rode home in style.