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I wish to be a princess



osteogenesis imperfecta

Wish kid Candejah

Candejah's Wish to be a Princess

Candejah is a young girl who was diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta, more commonly known as brittle-bone disease, a rare genetic disease that causes extremely weak bones that break very easily.

This condition requires her to have frequent infusions with overnight stays in the hospital. Her mobility is also affected, leaving her to rely on a wheelchair most of the time. During one of her hospital visits, one of her nurses mentioned that should would qualify to become a wish child through Make-A-Wish, and her journey to royalty began. 

Candejah and her family met with two wish granters, who quickly took on the role of “fairy godmothers.” Candejah shared details of her wish vision; from her dress, to staying in a castle, to having a tea party and meeting her favorite princess. 

A week before her 7th birthday, her family was invited to lunch where they were greeted by the staff individually handing Candjeah a rose as she made her way through the restaurant. Once at her table, she was surprised when a Royal Trumpeter stepped out to announce that Candejah’s wish was going to be granted on her birthday. The smile on her face said it all – her dream to become a princess was finally going to come true. 

Candejah's wish experience began with her family checking into their accommodations at the Castle Hotel in Orlando. This luxury boutique hotel is designed in the theme of a Bavarian castle, perfect for a princess. Candejah's room was royally decorated from top to bottom. No detail was left untouched, from princess pajamas and her favorite snacks, to a princess gown hanging in her wardrobe complete with accessories. 

Her wish day started with a royal fitting, getting dressed up in her princess gown and preparing for a photo-shoot around the gardens of the hotel. After her photo-shoot was complete, she and her family were escorted to the front of the hotel where she was cheered on by her adoring fans who were holding signs and banners just for her. Her real surprise came after the noise of the crowd settled down and she saw a beautiful horse drawn carriage waiting for her. The carriage ride ended after circling the property and dropped her off in front the hotels Garden Café, where her royal birthday tea party was about to begin.    

Royals Knights in full armor welcomed her into the room where she received a plaque decreeing that now and forevermore, Princess Candejah would continue to rule as the beautiful princess she was and is.