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The Adopt-A-Wish program offers you or company, school or community group the opportunity to invest in an experience that can alter the course of a child's life forever. 

Experience the joy of helping others during their time of greatest need by becoming a part of the Make-A-Wish Central and Northern Florida Adopt-A-Wish Program. 

This program provides a unique opportunity to make an immediate, direct and substantial impact on the life of a child. The financial investment provided by our donors ensures that we have the funds available to grant the wishes of every eligible child.  

From exposing children to the power of philanthropy to remembering a loved one, wishes are a unique opportunity to make a difference in a child's life.  

After making your gift to Make-A-Wish Central and Northern Florida, we will dedicate a specific wish to you, your organization, group or company. You will receive the child’s wish story and photo to demonstrate how your generosity helped a wish come true.  

  1. $3,000 - Shopping Spree/Electronics Wish: Your gift will help a wish kid have a shopping spree or new gaming computer! 

  1. $5,000 - Theme Park/Room Re-do Wish: Your gift will help grant a child’s wish to have their room redone to become their new happy place or to visit their favorite theme park! 

  1. $8,000 - Disney Cruise/Play Set/Hot Tub/Party Wish: Your gift will help grant a child’s wish to have a backyard playhouse, a hot tub, an awesome sweet 16 birthday party, or to go on a Disney Cruise! 

  1. $12,000 - Destination Wish/Camper Wish: Your gift will help a wish kid see the world in all its diversity and wonder, whether by traveling the US in their new camper or visiting a new country overseas. A destination wish sponsorship makes it possible for us to grant wishes to tour castles in Europe, international cruises, and more! 

Wishes are like children – each one is unique. This means the cost to fund a wish can vary depending on the nature of the child’s wish and its geographical location.  

Adopt-A-Wish donations start at $3,000, which is based on the average cost of a wish in Central and Northern Florida. 

Behind every child’s wish, there are special individuals, corporations, student organizations and foundations that make it possible. Give a child the priceless gift of love, laughter and treasured memories by sponsoring his or her wish.