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Meet Future Physician and Wish Kid Alexis - Part Three

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and we thank our sponsor Bristol-Myers Squibb for its commitment to providing emotional support for cancer patients, like Alexis, whose wish is sponsored by the pharmaceutical company.

In her third blog entry, wish kid Alexis, 14, takes us on her journey through London. Upon finishing her time at Oxford University, Alexis and her mom had a few days to explore—even get separated on the Tube!

After leaving Oxford, on Saturday my mom and I took the train to London and checked into a hotel on Waterloo. Our first excursion was to figure out how to get around London on the Underground Train, the “Tube.” Once we mastered the Tube we went around and met up with our Double Decker Tea Tour and enjoyed riding around seeing the sights and having a nice tea on the top of the bus.

On Sunday, we ran over to King’s Cross to take pictures, but along the way, I got separated from my mom when she got on the Tube! It took us a while to find each other again because there is no cell phone coverage underground. Once we found each other again we went up to the iconic Platform 9¾ (from the movie Harry Potter) and took a picture.

That evening we got dressed up and went to see “The Cursed Child” at the Palace Theatre. After Part 1 of the play, we had tea and sandwiches in a hidden room upstairs of the theatre. We asked the barkeeper for access and went through the bar, into the kitchen and up a small windy set of stairs to the secret tearoom and had some very cool tea. I had rose tea, and it had real rosebuds in the teapot!

Then we went to a park down the street with pretty flowers before going back to the theatre for Part 2. The play was so amazing, the special effects were fantastic and I was really blown away.

Funny thing about England: it got light outside at around 4:30 a.m. and stayed light until around 9:30 p.m.! After the play, we still had a few hours of daylight so we walked around near the hotel and had a late dinner. Once back in the room we packed our bags and then went to bed to get ready for a long travel day.

We got back home safely where a limo met us as the airport and brought us home. I feel very lucky to have had such an amazing wish experience. Thank you to everyone involved in making it happen!

  • Alexis and mom enjoy tea for two!

  • Boarding the Double Decker Tea Tour

  • Evening at the Palace Theatre seeing “The Cursed Child”

  • Beautiful park just steps away from the Palace Theatre

  • Alexis showcases her magic skills at Platform 9¾

  • An intermission treat in a hidden tearoom of the Palace Theatre

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