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Southwest Airlines Hikes Up Excitement Before a Wish

Jacob, Pro Bowl, Southwest Airlines, San Diego
Air travel is hectic work. Every airport is a complicated ballet of baggage, cargo, aircraft, people and weather. In the middle of all this on-the-job complexity, the Southwest Airlines team in San Diego rallied to be part of a Make-A-Wish experience for Jacob.
With barely any time to plan, they prepared a football-themed sendoff at San Diego International Airport before Jacob’s departure on his wish to go to the Pro Bowl – think cheerleaders and signed footballs, along with meeting the pilots and being acknowledged over the PA.

The Southwest team in San Diego added to their already busy day knowing that their effort would make an impact: Jacob and his family would definitely feel special because of the extra attention; the passengers would see Southwest employees demonstrate their care for the community; and the Southwest team themselves would experience the emotional lift that comes from granting a wish.

The care of people like Southwest Airlines employees truly adds to wish experiences. Their creativity and spontaneity make wishes even more memorable. And they’re surely tell you one thing: If you ever have the chance to be part of granting a wish, step up and take the opportunity!

Southwest employees have a long history of stepping up to get Make-A-Wish experiences off to a great start. Southwest Airlines has also donated $1 million in travel vouchers every year since 2010.

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