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Five Thoughts About Noah's Rescue Adventure Wish

noah police car
Over the past week or so, you may have noticed that wish kid Noah was the talk of the news media. Noah is an 8-year-old boy with a complex genetic disorder. He’s had more than 20 surgeries so far, and he will undergo even more surgeries throughout his life.

His wish was to go to Los Angeles for a rescue adventure. Noah got to do some amazing things during his adventures with the LAPD and LAFD. My favorite part? The look on his face while he’s inside a car spinning 360 degrees. He also got to drive a car simulator, flew in a helicopter and strategized with a SWAT team. Here are my top 5 thoughts after seeing all the coverage of Noah’s wish.

Noah firefighter1. Noah has some retro TV taste       

Noah’s adventure was inspired by his love for the 1970s TV show “Emergency!”, which I also watched with my older brothers (back before it was in reruns, I’m afraid). His parents mentioned to news media that his frequent encounters with doctors and nurses may be part of the reason he’s so wrapped up in “Emergency!”

2. Wishes connect us all

Local firefighters near Noah’s Vermont home helped get the wish started. One of the fire captains even had a son who received a wish in 1989. This is a great reminder how the Make-A-Wish mission is not far from any of our lives. If you look hard enough, I can bet there’s someone you know and care about who has received a wish.

3. Police and firefighters: With us from the beginning

Noah’s wish also reminds me of the early days of Make-A-Wish. Our first official wish was Bopsy Salazar’s wish to be a firefighter in 1981. And before him, Chris Greicius wished to be a police officer; the people who made his wish come true banded together to form the organization that became Make-A-Wish. Police officers and firefighters? They’ve been right there with us since the beginning.

4. Every seriously ill kid needs a wish

Kids like Noah need this sort of escape. We know that Noah’s challenges will always be with him. But he won’t face any of it alone. He’s got every person who participated in his wish standing behind them. He knows that, and there’s a power in that sense of community and solidarity. What kid facing a life-threatening medical condition couldn’t benefit from having a wish come true?

5. Wish kids love going “on the job”

Thousands of other wish kids have made wishes that give them a look inside careers. Aside from police and fire, we’ve had military wishes. We’ve had wishes to be scientists, doctors, journalists, even to visit a pickle factory (yes, I’m serious!). You never know when your chance to help grant a wish might materialize. Be ready!

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