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Wish Wednesday - Revisiting Wonderland

Robin wished to go to Wonderland with Alice <em>photo credit: Henry Alva</em>
“Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast!”

This is one of my favorite quotes from Alice in Wonderland. Not only because the story is quirky and fun, but because of Wonderland itself. In the story, nothing makes sense. Yet, at the same time, everything makes sense.

Even though this fantasy world is nonsense, there is something beautiful and right in it. Wish kid Robin wanted nothing more than to take the same journey … this is her story.

In A World of Her Own

Robin, 10, has gotten into the routine of everything that goes into fighting a brain tumorRobin will go to Wonderland with help from the White Rabbit <em> Photo credit: Scott Harder</em>. Doctors, hospitals, radiation and surgeries are all expected. Imagine her reaction when her wish day arrives. The White Rabbit (played by a local actress) shows up at her front door with an invitation: The Red Queen has invited Robin to play croquet at her palace. She’s going to Wonderland.

If she’s going to visit the queen, Robin has to look her best. With the White Rabbit and her family, their first stop is a department store. She tries on multiple dresses and finds her favorite. After a quick break for tea, they continue up the rabbit hole (the Seattle Space Needle). A dinner party awaits them at a private club, hosted by none other than the White Queen and all her friends. The White Queen then escorts them to her palace for the night after a catamaran takes them over to Wonderland, which is an island nearby.

Robin sees Alice for the first time <em> Photo credit: Henry Alva</em>

The next day is full of fun and surprises for Robin. She has breakfast with the Red Queen, and frees Alice who is trapped in a tiny house! Robin is given a map of Wonderland and all sorts of puzzles to solve. Weaving through the forest, she meets all her favorite characters, including the Cheshire Cat, Mock Turtle, and the Tweedles.

Later that day, Robin plays a fantastic game of croquet against the Red Queen and wins her crown. After solving more puzzles, it’s time to celebrate with all her new friends with a huge tea party, complete with a crown-topped cake. As the sun sets, it’s time for Robin to return to her world. A parasol salute for Queen Robin, hugs and goodbyes finish off her perfect day in Wonderland.

The Red Queen invites Robin to play croquet <em> Photo credit: Henry Alva</em>Believe in the Impossible Things

There’s something that sticks with me every time I think of Alice in Wonderland. Alice’s wild imagination has been set free; it’s her world of fantasy and escapism that she created. I hope Robin felt the same way during her trip there. She was set free from her world of a brain tumor, and was allowed to live in another place for a while. I hope that she’ll cling to this wish when times get hard … that she’ll escape to Wonderland once again and dream. For her and so many other children, their worlds have been turned upside down and made unfamiliar by illness.

Their wishes, whether in Wonderland or not, allow them to be turned right side up again.

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Mickey O.

Loved it! Make-A-Wish is truly making a difference in the lives of many! Well written recap of this young lady's day!

June 21, 2015 - 4:29 PM

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