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Wish Wednesday - The Playhouse Edition

wish wednesday playhouse
Playhouses - they are a perfect gateway for kids to escape into their imagination. This is especially true for Make-A-Wish kids. They spend so much time in environments that are unfamiliar, sterile and unsettling. It's easy to understand why playhouses, forts, club houses and other refuges are popular with wish kids.

Here are some great playhouse stories for this week's Wish Wednesday. And think about your own ideas for the perfect playhouse ... I know I have a few ideas of my own!

A Huge Moment Outshines Eli's Challenges

Eli's outdoor tree house built by HITT Contracting uses his own design plan. Throughout its construction, 4-year-old Eli visits the crew and makes sure that they keep on task, and have fun.

“What I love is that this is such a huge moment in his life, he will look back and remember this versus all the medical stuff,” says his mother, Mary Anne.

All Eli wants is to play outside again. Since he was diagnosed with lymphoid leukemia, Eli spends many long hours trapped inside the hospital. When Eli learns he can wish for absolutely anything, he knows exactly what to wish for. But first, he insists on showing his wish-granting volunteers his garden.

Eli loves plants and has a vegetable garden that he takes care of with his grandfathe

wish wednesday playhouse

r. “It is very serious to him,” Mary Anne says. “He thinks he is a farmer.”

Just weeks after Eli names his wish, the tree house arrives. It takes HITT Contracting, along with lots of local volunteers and Eli himself, about 10 days to build the tree house.

Jacob is the King of his Castle

Jacob, 7, has his own castle built in his backyard as a surprise from family and friends. It has a candy shop, a video game-themed interior including art and plush toys, electricity, and a wheelchair-accessible drawbridge ramp leading to the castle.

There is a custom wooden sign just before reaching the castle’s tall, framed doors, that reads, “Jacob’s castle.” Jacob rushes over the ramp and through the front doors screaming, "This is the best day ever!"

wish wednesday playhouseGirls Only at Isabella's House 

“Get off my lawn!” Isabella yells from inside her new playhouse. Here, only girls are allowed, with the exception of Isabella’s brother. The smiling 6-year-old stands over her Dutch door and waves. This is her one true wish. Here you can see the outside of the yellow house with colorful flowers and a white picket fence.

What's Your Vision?

In my backyard, I was the singing book queen of the rose garden. It was all fun and games. Our backyard was built with a ton of imagination and silly ideas. So, I imagined our play house would include a combination of sci-fi movies and princesses. Possibly, even intergalactic villains in a princess crown. After all, as I’m sure Isabella would agree, there could only be one queen. 

What was your childhood escape? And what what it look like if you could wish your perfect place into existence?  

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