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Addison's Wish

There’s nothing like watching your favorite movie and wishing you could be part of the world you see on the screen.

Amid the treatments and many doctor appointments that come with having a heart condition, Addison told Make-A-Wish that her most heartfelt wish was to meet the cast of her favorite movie, Descendants. 

Having acted in a school play, Addison gained an appreciation for the art and wanted an inside-look of what it was like to be in one of Disney’s most well-known films. She even owned a dress and crown just like her favorite character, Evie! When Make-A-Wish finally revealed that Addison’s ultimate wish would be coming true, they presented her with a Descendants-inspired cake and exclaimed that she would be visiting the set of Descendants 2! Addison could hardly wait! 

For her wish, Addison and her family traveled to beautiful British Columbia, Canada where she spent a day with some of Disney’s greatest stars. Addison toured the set, ate lunch, chatted and laughed and played games with the cast. They even autographed a special leather jacket just for her!  

Grinning from ear to ear the entire time, there was no doubt that Addison felt like a true cast member on her special day.