I wish to meet my favorite singer



acute lymphoblastic leukemia


For an ambitious kid like Barry, determining your one true wish can be difficult. His passions span from superheroes like Captain Underpants and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to music, movies, cooking and even designing comic books! One thing 9-year-old Barry loves in particular is the movie Despicable Me. The minions are his favorite!

In 2013 Barry was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. When approached by Make-A-Wish volunteers and asked what his one true wish would be, Barry said he wanted to meet his favorite singer, Pharrell Williams.

“I imagine us singing together and maybe eating dinner,” dreamt Barry. Meeting Pharrell was not only a wish come true, it also gave Barry the strength to continue the fight against his diagnosis.

To reveal his wish, Barry’s entire class of fourth and fifth graders assembled in the school auditorium to surprise Barry and tell him that his wish was going to come true! In that moment, nothing could wipe the smile off his face. Normally Barry is a happy-go-lucky boy, but after learning he would meet his favorite singer, he was ecstatic.

Barry and his family arrived at the Jingle Ball concert in Florida where he would finally meet Pharrell. Before the concert, the whole family enjoyed a meet and greet where they took pictures and got a few autographs. During the concert, Barry along with his brother and sister danced and sang along to his favorite song “Happy.”

“All three of them were holding hands and singing together” said Barry’s mom, Paula.

This wish experience was one Barry and his family will never forget. “We're so appreciative and can't thank Make-A-Wish enough for the experience,” said Paula.

 Barry is HAPPY his wish came true.