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Wish kid Jaxen's Treehouse

Jaxen's Wish

Jaxen is a precocious 9 year old from Barnstead with a vivid imagination. 

Wish kid Jaxen

Like any average third grader, Jaxen loves movies like Captain Underpants and Lego Batman, as well as playing with his friends. Jaxen’s favorite restaurant is the Red Apple Buffet, where he gets to eat all the macaroni and cheese he wants! Jaxen’s real passions are reading, specifically the Warrior Cats books, writing, drawing, and anything to do with Pokemon.  

Unlike the average third grader, Jaxen has spent much of his early life fearlessly combating Unresectable Tectal Plate Glioma, a slow growing tumor on the roof of the brain stem. Through numerous hospital visits and one surgery, Jaxen has remained characteristically optimistic.  

When asked what his wish was, Jaxen didn’t take long to answer. He knew he wanted his very own place to do all of his favorite things, and what better place for that than a treehouse!? Jaxen had lots of imaginative ideas about his treehouse, including a sketch for the builders, but he really wanted a place he could read his books and hangout. He ended up with a full porch, rock climbing wall, and a ladder entrance! Jaxen also got his treehouse filled with some of his favorite books and Pokemon - themed items. 

This wish is a special moment for the Make-A-Wish New Hampshire Family for another reason as well. John Raczek, owner of Zen Tree Works, is the father of wish kid Orion. Orion is a 12 year old boy and self - proclaimed “Foodie”, whose Wish was granted last year when he experienced the food trucks featuring food from around the world at Epcot. The magic and the joy that the Raczek family felt on their Wish trip inspired John to remain involved with the Make-A-Wish mission. Zen Tree Works is a professional treehouse building company, and when we reached out to John about this opportunity, he was more than happy to help! Thanks to John, the Raczek family, Wish Granters, and the strength of the Make-A-Wish New Hampshire Family, Jaxen’s dream treehouse became a reality! Thank you to all involved!