I wish to be a volunteer for the ASPCA




Wish kid Mateo

Mateo's wish to be an ASPCA volunteer

Nine-year-old Mateo of Springfield, VA is passionate about animals.

He loves to play with dogs and cats, and he forms a quick and easy connection with every animal he meets. When Mateo was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had to begin chemotherapy, he found comfort in watching animal videos and researching ways to help animals in need. Upon learning Make-A-Wish® Mid-Atlantic would be granting his one true wish, Mateo wished to be a volunteer with the ASPCA in New York City so that he could make a positive impact by interacting with animals one-on-one.

Wish kid Mateo

Mateo was ecstatic to fly in an airplane to New York and ride around in style in a limousine with his “Super Crew Rescue Team” made up of his parents and siblings. After arriving in New York,Mateo could not wait to head to the ASPCA where he received a special volunteer badge and plenty of other ASPCA volunteer gear. He loved learning more about the rescue process for pets, and best of all, meeting (and cuddling!) with lots of the animals.

Mateo’s wish gave him the opportunity to take a break from a tiring treatment schedule and put his passion for animals to good use.