I wish to have my superhero story made into a movie




Wish kid Mason

Mason's Movie Wish

In 2015, when Mason was just 7 years old, he was diagnosed with cancer. Through many hard days in the hospital, he found an outlet in creative writing.

Mason would imagine intricate plots and create fantastic characters as he weaved storylines together. Writing and creativity were strongholds that carried him through some of the worst days.

When Mason learned that he would be receiving a wish from Make-A-Wish® Mid-Atlantic, there was only one thing he really wanted: to have one of his stories brought to life on the big screen. Mason wished to be the executive producer as his original story, THE FALLEN, was turned into a movie.

Mason oversaw the production of THE FALLEN from beginning to end, working with a screenwriter to turn his story into an official movie plot, holding a casting call to hand select the best actors in the DC metro area and spending an entire weekend on set overseeing film crews as each scene was staged.

Wish kid Mason

Mason celebrated the creation of his movie with a red-carpet premiere at The Uptown Theatre in Washington, DC. A crowd of over 500 came to the showing, and everyone gave the movie rave reviews. Mason met with plenty of his fans and participated in a question-and-answer panel with some of the other experts who worked on the film. Mason felt like a star and was proud to share his work with his community. A wish come true provides a sick child with confidence, and for Mason, his wish showed him that he is capable of amazing things.