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I wish to have a LEGO experience



brain tumor

Noah with all of the LEGO sets from his wish

Building hope for Noah

This imaginative southern Illinois boy finds hope in creativity.

When Noah was a toddler, he began having difficulty walking, falling often. While his parents sought answers from several medical professionals, the cause wasn’t revealed until a headache led the family to the emergency room and an MRI revealed a brain tumor. 

Since then he’s had surgery and continued to be monitored closely by doctors. His family was introduced to Make-A-Wish a few years ago and was thinking about a trip to Japan. After the events of this year, he changed his wish be all about his favorite pastime, LEGOs!

Make-A-Wish volunteers explored this interest and began planning a custom experience just for him. The wish was set in motion and packages began arriving at Noah’s home, where his parents stashed them away for the big surprise. In the end, more than 30 elaborate LEGO sets and organizing bins were delivered and revealed with a great surprise on Noah’s birthday. 

But, the wish wasn’t over yet. Make-A-Wish also arranged for a video call with LEGO experts and master builders to chat with Noah about his passion. He thought it would be only one or two, but more and more joined the call and Noah was delighted to see that he recognized some of them from LEGO related television shows he has been watching recently. 

According to his mom Brandi, the wish was just what Noah needed to thrive through this challenging and isolating time.

I don't think he'll ever forget this. He was so happy, and it was pure joy.
Wish Mom