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The Moment Was Ours

“Holding my wonderful daughter in my arms, we danced large circles around the empty room. Whatever troubles we’d left behind in difficult months and hard years; whatever trials still lay ahead; none of that mattered. The moment was ours. It was ours forever.”

The significance of the role of fathers is sometimes overlooked when discussing children with illnesses. But just like moms and other caregivers, fathers must deal with the emotions of loving and caring for their child. When that child falls ill, they can become just as invested in the wish experience as the rest of the family.

Paul, wish kid Namine’s dad, wrote about a particular moment during his daughter’s Make-A-Wish trip that resonated with him. He writes, “I want to tell you of the memory I treasure most.” Paul tells the story of slow dancing with his daughter and how it stood out to him more than any other time during the trip.

Too often, the stories of fathers caring for their children are either not heard or are left untold, but they are equally as important as the stories that celebrate how mothers deal with life-threatening diagnoses.

Paul’s experience highlights the unexpected ways that a wish can bring a family together and give them memories untainted by the difficulties of treatment and illness. He speaks candidly of what being a father to an ill child is like.

He reflects, “For me, the best part of [the] vacation was not the resort. It was not the many theme parks, exotic animals, or ziplining. No, the best part was getting to hold my daughter in my arms: just the two of us, dancing slowly and singing softly. The best part was seeing the magic in Namine’s eyes. It was not the pretend magic of theme parks, of rides and people in costumes, but the real magic of a daughter’s love.”

To read Paul’s full blog post, click here

If you're a father of a wish kid, let us know in the comments what your experience of caring for your child is. 

Providing a family with a life-changing wish is made possible by passionate volunteers. Before the moments that make the experience so special, the work of organizing a wish is facilitated by the community. It all starts with a referral, which can come from medical professionals, caregivers or even the child.

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