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Airbnb Open Homes FAQs

How Does Open Homes for Medical Stays Work?

To facilitate stays for medical patients and caregivers, Open Homes has partnered with vetted nonprofit organizations who identify guests in need and book accommodations on their behalf, or provide guidance so that guests may book themselves. In addition to people traveling for treatment, guests are often people on a respite stay following treatment or family members travelling to visit loved ones while they receive treatment.

How Can I Sign Up to Host Guests Traveling for Medical Reasons?

If you are interested in hosting a family traveling for a wish through the Open Homes platform, then you can sign up your listing here. At present, Open Homes is focused on supporting the following causes:

  • Medical patients and caregivers traveling for treatment or who require a respite stay
  • People displaced due to a natural disaster and first responders/relief workers deployed to respond to a disaster
  • Refugees and asylum seekers 

When you sign up for Open Homes, you can choose whether you would like to host one, two, or all of the above-mentioned groups.

You can choose whether to sign up an existing Airbnb listing or create a new listing just for Open Homes. If you choose to sign up an existing listing, you will manage your paid Airbnb as well as Open Homes stays from the same calendar.

The organizations that Open Homes partners with may have questions regarding the suitability of your listing for their guest. These partners will reach out before a stay via the message thread, if necessary. You can help answer common questions by including a detailed description of your space and the surrounding area when you sign up to Open Homes, as well as writing a complete profile for yourself.

Can I Use Open Homes for a Medical Stay As a Guest?

Open Homes works exclusively through partner organizations who identify guests and book homes on their behalf. At this time, Open Homes isn’t able to support individual requests from medical patients and caregivers for free Open Homes stays.

At this time, Open Homes isn’t able to support individual requests from medical patients and caregivers for free Open Homes stays.

What Organizations Partner with Open Homes for Medical Stays?

In addition to Make-A-Wish Foundation, Open Homes has partnered with a number of vetted nonprofit and government agencies that are specialized in supporting medical patients and their caregivers. For more information about Open Homes partnerships, please contact our support team at bcraubzrf@nveoao.pbz.

How Do I Know My Guest is a Patient or a Caregiver?

Open Homes has partnered with vetted nonprofit organizations that support medical patients and their caregivers. Representatives of these organizations are the ones identifying guests in need and facilitating their booking. As a host, you can communicate with the booker via Airbnb’s messaging function prior to accepting their reservation to learn more about the guest and make sure that your place would be suitable for the stay. You can also review a booker’s history on Airbnb by checking out their profile page and reading reviews from past hosts. All guests booking a reservation on Airbnb are asked to provide their full name, date of birth, photo, phone number, email address, and payment information to Airbnb before booking. Home hosts also have the option to require guests to provide Airbnb with a government ID before booking their listing. While no screening system is perfect, globally we run hosts and guests against regulatory, terrorist, and sanctions watchlists. Airbnb is a platform built on trust. If you have any concerns, please reach out to the Open Homes support team directly at bcraubzrffhccbeg@nveoao.pbz.

What Support is Available to Me as a Host?

A dedicated Airbnb support team is available exclusively to both hosts and guests with issues or questions regarding Open Homes reservations. Open Homes support specialists are available Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm Eastern Standard Time and 9am-6pm Greenwich Mean Time. Email us at bcraubzrf@nveoao.pbz for help. 

In addition, a caseworker from the partner organization will be available throughout the stay to support communication and answer any questions or concerns that you or their client may have. 

If you require urgent support outside of the dedicated Open Homes support team’s hours, Airbnb’s community support specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all guests and hosts. You can contact them by following this link

For information, please visit the Airbnb Help Center for answers to many common questions.