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Ginny Nickerson

Seeing Grandson’s Wish Turns Office Guru’s Talents to Granting Wishes

Five years ago, a grinning 9-year-old named Timmy rushed into his grandma’s arms and exclaimed that Make-A-Wish® was going to send him to the Walt Disney World® Resort to meet Goofy, his favorite character.

Ginny Nickerson

Timmy’s grandmother, Ginny Nickerson, recalls how he stayed upbeat during months of treatment for a brain tumor because he knew that, as soon as he was feeling up to it, his wish would come true.

Timmy’s trip to Disney World was also a wish come true for Ginny; she saw her courageous grandson forget about pain and doctors visits for a week and just be a kid again. Because of his joyful experience, she decided to help other kids and their families experience that same feeling by volunteering for Make-A-Wish New Hampshire.

Ginny now spends every Wednesday supporting the chapter as it carries on the magical Make-A-Wish mission. Retired after 25 years as a school guidance secretary, Ginny is doing her part to “give back to Make-A-Wish for all the happiness they gave Timmy.”

Ginny’s Make-A-Wish volunteer work began simply; she called the chapter office and offered her help doing what she was already a pro at — answering phones, organizing databases and helping the office staff keep track of all the paperwork that comes in every day. The chapter staff quickly recognized Ginny’s many talents, and soon she was sharing her wish story at public events and putting together scrapbooks featuring pages of joyful children on the days their wishes came true.

“Ginny brings a smile to the office every Wednesday, and her help is priceless,” said Donna Parker, the chapter’s director of development. “She has been a huge part of the Make-A-Wish staff team, and we are very grateful for her help both in and out of the office.”

Ginny also added “wish-granting volunteer” to her already-long list of duties — she has granted 13 wishes to date, with three more in the works. She says it’s sometimes a challenge to help children discover their one true wish. Ginny put herself in a wish kid’s place by trying to decide what she’d wish for, and it took awhile to pick a home redecoration — which is also a popular choice for many wish kids.

Whatever the wish, Ginny relishes volunteering to help other wish kids experience that same joy she saw in her grandson years ago.

You receive such a wonderful feeling in your heart to see the happiness on these kids’ faces when you tell them about their up-and-coming wish plans. Helping them get their wish is the best feeling ever. ”

— Ginny Nickerson