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Jaime’s Horse Gives Her Hope

  • Jaime, 11, wished for a horse to give her hope.

  • Jaime, now, with her husband and son.

“ I knew living was the only way forward. ”

- Jaime

Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. IVs, chemo, multiple hospital visits. This was Jaime’s worst nightmare. Diagnosed at 8 years old and terrified of needles, Jaime struggled to survive. From remission one year to relapse the next.

But then Make-A-Wish volunteers offered her a wish. Jaime thought long about her most heartfelt desire … she could go on a trip …

No, she wanted something that she could have with her for a long time. That was it, that simple thought. Something she could enjoy after the hospital. She had to keep fighting her cancer.

“I knew living was the only way forward,” Jaime said.

The Wish

A girl in love with horses, Jaime wished for a horse of her own. A strong, beautiful companion to stand by her side during and after her medical struggle. 

Now 11, Jaime and her family visit the Oregon State Fair. Make-A-Wish volunteers have a surprise for her. The band plays When You Wish Upon A Star and a beautiful Morgan-breed horse named Jetta appears - Jaime’s wish come true.

Speechless and excited, a wave of motivation fills her. Through the next phases of chemotherapy Jaime is calm because she will see Jetta soon after learning to care for and ride her. The thought of a wish gave her hope, but receiving it gives Jaime the strength she needs to overcome. 

Jaime’s Life Now

And overcome she did. Once in remission for the final time and with years of perspective behind her, Jaime gives back.

She speaks to kids at schools then to service organizations about one core message: “believing in the power Jaime at her book launchof dreams”. It directs her career as a life coach and inspirational author to support others because Jaime knows, in doing so, wonderful things can happen.

“I call it the ripple effect because not only did my wish have a life changing impact on me as a child, but it also continues to inspire others to believe dreams really can come true,” Jaime said.

Jaime will always appreciate her horse wish for the inspiration it continues to give her. Recently she had another dream: to complete a cross-country walk.

In the spring of 2012, more than 20 years after her wish, Jaime embarks on the 500-mile ancient pilgrimage trail, Camino-de-Santiago in Spain. Her goal: to raise $5,000 in pledges to say “thank you” to Make-A-Wish.

Believing Makes Wonderful Things Happen …

Jaime met her husband-to-be during the pilgrimage trail in Spain. Instead of an expensive ring, he proposed by completing her fundraising goal.

Today, they are married with a son. 

I call it the ripple effect because not only did my wish have a life changing impact on me as a child, but it also continues to inspire others to believe dreams really can come true ”

— Jaime

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