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Payton's Pirate Ship Adventures

Payton wishes for a pirate-ship playhouse

“ Now this buccaneer can experience adventures without going far from home. ”

In the imagination of 7-year-old Payton, he’s already braved the high seas and plundered with the likes of Captain Hook. Now thanks to the Make-A-Wish® and many generous volunteers, Payton’s swashbuckling adventures just came ashore in his own backyard.

Not understanding the magnitude of a wish, Payton first asked for a puzzle. After he grasped the possibilities available to him, he took almost a year to carefully select his most heartfelt wish. His love for pirates finally helped him settle on what he wanted most: a red and black pirate-ship playhouse.

With a shiver-me-timbers expression on his face, Payton watches from his father’s shoulders as construction crews assembles his vessel, dubbed Payton’s Plunder.

His sea craft is complete with a crow’s nest, captain’s helm and dock, as well as authentic rigging from the historic Adventuress sailboat. And in case any scallywags ever try to pillage his doubloons, an evacuation slide will take Payton to the safety of a sandbox on land.

A backyard pirate ship is perfect for Payton, who is diagnosed with a congenital heart disease known as Shone’s complex. His conditions cause him to tire easily, but now this buccaneer can experience adventures without going far from home.

His mom expressed her gratitude to all the people who came together to help make Payton’s wish come true.


As a parent you always think your child is special. But for other people to show a similar love or concern for him is pretty neat. We’ve seen Payton go through so much; so for us, no one is more deserving of this. ”

— Payton's mom tells Kitsap Sun

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I think that this is a very heartwarming story. It really touches my heart to see this kid looking onto the bright side of things. I think that it is so cute that he likes pirates. I think make-a-wish is a wonderful program that reaches out to so many wonderful people. Get well soon Payton I will keep you in my prayers!!!!

September 23, 2010 - 11:15 AM

Hannah & Erin

After reading your wish we were inspired to help other children like you accomplish their dreams.

September 24, 2010 - 7:08 AM


My 3 yr. old daughter has HLHS and we were thinking about Make a Wish for a big playset for our backyard, too! The pirate ship looks like so much fun, Payton!

February 24, 2011 - 2:12 PM

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