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Peter Connects to His Heritage Through a Wish

Peter in Greece

“ Peter discovers his heritage and looks forward to his future ”

An old Greek proverb says, “Live today, forget the past.” Peter understands … but celebration to his past is also important to him. He feels a deep connection to his Greek heritage. And this leads him to Greece – to the village where his father was born – for his wish.

The locals say that Greece is an experience just as much as it’s a country. Peter learns what they mean in all the sights and sounds. He visits the Acropolis, the Parthenon, the Temple of Zeus, and other great Greek landmarks. But his wish is more than checking the sites off a list. He wished to go to Greece to connect with the land and the people; he wished to find the spirit of Greece, something that can’t be found on any tour bus. He finds it in the people he meets at a three-day Greek wedding, and during a 12-hour snorkeling trip in the warm water.  

He sits on a patio with his family as the sun begins to dip low into the sea. They eat Mediterranean cuisine and relive the many different sights of the day. Peter looks out over the water and hears the wind blowing past his ears. It carries voices from the streets below – exotic syllables spoken between friends … the savory smells of dinner … it carries Greece.

This is everything he was looking for in his Make-A-Wish experience. Peter will live today, just like in the proverb. But he’ll find his future with a heightened awareness of his heritage.

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