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A Taste of Pineapples and Freedom


“ Nyiah finds out life can be better than she ever imagined. ”

Nyiah has visions of Hawaii inspired by her favorite movie. She watched the animated characters do the hula dance and imagined herself in Hawaii.

Make-A-Wish gives her the chance to learn the hula – and much more, as Nyiah discovers during her visit to Hawaii.

Tropical Days Free of Worry

We can only imagine what runs through Nyiah’s mind as she sits in the front seat of a helicopter that carries her into the sky for a tour. Or what it’s like for her to try surfing for the first time and taste pineapples straight from the groves. Maybe she realizes that Hawaii is even better than she imagined.

One thing is certain: Nyiah is free of worry for the entire week. She can just have fun like any other kid visiting Hawaii.

Finding the Meaning in Her Wish

Something sets Nyiah’s experience apart and makes it even more meaningful, though: She will return home and still have to face her medical condition and all the treatments that go along with it. That’s the reality of Nyiah’s condition. She’ll have great days where she feels like any other person. But some days will require all of her perseverance, confidence and courage.

Nyiah will always be able to look to her Make-A-Wish experience during those days. Her memories will take her back to enjoying the best things in life, to the time when her life was even better than she ever imagined in could be.

Each year, 10,000 kids like Nyiah travel with their families for a Make-A-Wish experience. They need your air miles. Donate your miles in April and help grant life-changing wishes this summer.



  • Nyiah spends some time playing in the sand on a sunny Oahu day.

  • The entire family gets ready for an unforgettable tropical trip.

  • Nyiah splashes down after a wild ride on the slide.

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