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Madison Builds a Sand Castle

The artist with her creation.<br /><em>Portraits by Emma-Louise</em> Portraits by Emma-Louise

“ She's an excellent student and caught on quick! ”

- Marianne, Sand Sculptor

Madison’s parents look on as their daughter works with two professional sand castle builders, sculpting the sand into stable structures only a few feet from the ocean. Over time, turrets, windows, and carefully constructed stairways begin to take shape with the help of buckets and a little artistic flare.

It’s sunny and hot, a day to look back on in photographs where the weather was just right. Madison and her parents have made it here after dealing with the treatment for a disease that showed signs when she was only 4 years old.

Coming Out on the Other Side

Madison’s wish comes just as she celebrates being six months cancer free. It’s a milestone worth celebrating, as much of her childhood has been spent facing the rare bone cancer that affects only about 200 children and young adults in the United States each year.

For Madison, her day at Fort Myers Beach is the positive culmination of her improved health and the future she can look forward to.

She learns how to make a sand castle to rival all others, creating something out of a shifting, unpredictable material. 

  • A professional sand builder must use buckets to craft a solid foundation.
    Portraits by Emma-Louise

  • Adding in the small details of a castle tower.
    Portraits by Emma-Louise

  • One of the local sand castle sculptors examines Madison's work.
    Portraits by Emma-Louise

  • Madison and her family celebrate six months cancer free on this beautiful day.
    Portraits by Emma-Louise

  • The artist with her creation.
    Portraits by Emma-Louise

  • Madison's sand castle is a masterpiece of windows, steps and turrets.
    Portraits by Emma-Louise

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