Luke Joins the Coast Guard

Luke wanted to be in the Coast Guard

“Even though Luke will soon leave for his home in Utah, he will always be part of their Coast Guard experience. ”

For the first time since being diagnosed, nobody talks about Luke’s brain tumor. All Luke hears are instructions, preparations, pep talks – all to get him ready for tomorrow’s simulated helicopter rescue mission.

His first day at the U.S. Coast Guard Aviation Training Center is nearly over. Luke took the controls of a flight simulator. He learned how Coast Guard crews rescue people from the ocean. He spent time in the training pool applying all his Coast Guard hosts taught him. People from around the base have welcomed him – including an admiral who dropped in just to visit Luke and offer him a challenge coin.

Tomorrow - when his helicopter lands -hundreds of people from throughout the base will wait for him. They understand Luke. They know why his one true wish is to stand in their ranks … because they share his wish. They live it every day.

Even though Luke will soon leave for his home in Utah, he will always be part of their Coast Guard experience. And each of them has a place in the hearts of Luke and his family.

"Luke’s passion for the Coast Guard and big smile throughout all of the events was a huge inspiration to our members," said CDR Dave Saunders, Operations Officer.  "He brought out the best in all of us."

Thank you to the Make-A-Wish Foundation® for everything that you do, and introducing us to a wonderful family.”

— CDR Dave Saunders, Operations Officer

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This kids' wish rocked. I'm glad all the personnel went to greet him. I wish I could even try enlisting for the coast guard after school but recruiter hasn't answered phone for months :0

February 29, 2012 - 5:40 PM

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