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Meet Future Physician and Wish Kid Alexis

Make-A-Wish, Oxford, Alexis, Bristol-Myers Squibb
In the coming weeks, we’re going to feature blog posts from 14-year-old Alexis. Her wish is to attend the Introduction to Medicine course at Oxford University. She’s going to share thoughts about the wish that is now giving her a glimpse at her future.

To get started, Alexis will tell us a bit about herself, including what inspired her to make this particular wish. Below, you can also check out some photos of employees from Bristol-Myers Squibb hosting a British-themed party to get her wish started right!

I chose my wish based off of my want to study medicine one day. After months of deciding between a large group of options, I picked this wish because it relates to what I want to be one day. Thinking about the wish helped keep my mind occupied while I was going through treatment.

The entire oncology team at St. Joseph’s – where I was treated – inspired me, but the doctors that inspired me the most were Dr. Mark Mogul and Dr. Samantha Schaefer. Dr. Mogul and Dr. Sam are two of the most outgoing and kindest people that I know. Dr. Sam always knows how to cheer up her patients and make their day, even the shy ones like me. Dr. Mogul is one of my role models because he is everything that I hope to be when I become a doctor in the future. He is warm-hearted, humorous, trustworthy and tries his hardest to personally connect with his patients. I chose the Introduction to Medicine course at Oxford mainly due to Dr. Mogul and the impact that he has had on my life, as I aspire to be like him one day.

A couple of years ago, I didn’t really know what I was going to do in the future and what purpose I would serve. Now, I have a perfect vision of my future in college and medicine. With this wish, I will get to experience both of my visions. 

Make-A-Wish, Oxford, Alexis, Bristol-Myers Squibb 

Make-A-Wish, Oxford, Alexis, Bristol-Myers Squibb

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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